Viral Rows of Patients Treated in Front of the Emergency Room, this is what Kariadi Hospital Semarang says


A video showing a number of patients lying in bed and outside the ER building Dr. Kariadi Hospital, Semarang be in the spotlight. The hospital spoke out about the situation.

The video was uploaded to the Twitter account @laila *** on Sunday (27/6) yesterday. The 25-second video shows a number of patients with their beds accompanied by their families.

The patients who were lying there seemed to be fanned by their family members. Beside the patient’s bed, there are also oxygen and infusion tubes. The RSUP dr Kariadi confirmed the video was taken in his hospital area.

“The video is in front of the ER, in the hallway, but maybe not today, today it’s already clean there. It seems weekend yesterday, yes it looks like that,” said PR Dr. Kariadi Hospital, Semarang, Parna when contacted by telephone, Sunday (28/6/2021).

Dr. Kariadi Hospital ICU isolation drill is almost full

Parna admits bed occupancy or bed occupancy rate (BOR) in the ER Dr Kariadi Hospital was almost full. The isolation room was full, so there was a queue of patients who would enter the room.

“Now we can enter the emergency room, but our emergency room full almost 100 percent,” explained Parna.

He called BOR in Kariadi Hospital Semarang reach 90 percent. The isolation beds and ICU beds were full of patients.

“In terms of BOR, more than 90 percent can’t enter. Yes, we have reached 250 (capacity) but still full, it’s special for isolation, you know, if the ICU has become 44 (capacity) full too, “explained Parna.

The tent built in front of the emergency room has also been filled for observation of patients who will enter the hospital. Inside the tent, apart from the patients, there were also health workers who also lined up. Considering that up to now there are 250 health workers who have been recorded as being exposed COVID-19.

“If there is a health worker in the tent waiting in line for a swab, waiting to be examined, mixed,” explained Parna.




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