Viral rented room with the size of a grave, the rental price makes emotions


This woman uploaded a photo of a room that was rented out for RM 300 or around Rp. 1 million for one month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. What made the photo go viral was because the size of the bed and room was super small, called a graveyard.

The photo of the bedroom with the size of a grave went viral after being shared via the Twitter account @flwrsxB. This woman named Bunga shows a narrow room with a single mattress. The room seemed to be equipped with a fan attached to the wall.

“Good morning except for the house owners near kl who rent rooms like this😂😂,” wrote the Twitter account @flwrsxB on Sunday (31/7/2022).



In a subsequent tweet, Bunga said the super small room was located in Maluri, Malaysia. The room for rent is located near the LRT station and Kuala Lumpur Pavilion, and has a view of KLCC.

The Flower Post has garnered more than 19k Retweets and garnered nearly 1,000 comments. Netizens were surprised that such a small space was rented out for someone to live in.

“It really does follow the size of the grave, doesn’t it?” asked one Twitter user.

“Even if you give this to me for free, I don’t want it. It’s like a pit for a grave,” said another.

The cramped rental room is viral on social media. Photo: Doc. Twitter @flwrsxB.

Reporting from Says, there are also netizens who point out that this rented room is a sad reality for some Malaysians when renting a place to live.

“I also rented a room in Manjung, Perak, RM 300 or around IDR 1 million, and it’s exactly like this. It’s a shophouse. One floor has 10 rooms!” said one netizen.

They hope there will be regulations for small rooms like this in the future, or that landlords will at least provide rooms with windows and ventilation.

Another netizen said, “It’s also like this in Johor Bahru, where one room is RM 450 or Rp 1.5 million. Before renting, they even ask if you work in Johor Bahru or Singapore. If you work in Singapore, the rent becomes RM 550 or around RP 1.8 million.”


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