Viral photos of newborns taking off doctor’s masks, becoming symbols of hope during a pandemic

ABU DHABI, – A photo baby new born attractive face mask doctor until it comes out of the mouth, viral on social media and become a symbol of hope in the midst of the corona virus pandemic.

This pandemic makes it mandatory for people to wear masks to avoid transmission of Covid-19, and the world‘s population is waiting for the end of the outbreak so they don’t need to wear masks anymore in their daily activities.

The photo of the newborn girl was uploaded on Instagram by gynecologist Dr Samer Cheaib based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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In the photo, a baby who has just arrived in the world is holding a doctor’s mask, pulling it from the doctor’s face, who is showing a big smile.

“We all wish there was a sign we are about to remove our masks,” Dr Cheaib wrote on caption the photo, which was uploaded on Instagram and Facebook.

The photo went viral on social media and earned thousands likes.

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While many view it as a harbinger for a better future, some argue it is a snapshot for 2020.

“We will all take off the masks immediately,” wrote one netizen, and others commented, “This should be 2020’s best photo.”

“The most beautiful photo I have ever seen. Hopefully we will take off our masks soon,” wrote one quoted netizen NDTV Friday (16/10/2020).

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Prior to the UAE, in March a new baby born in Italy also became a symbol of hope for many.

“The Land of Pizza” at that time was one of the countries with the worst impact of Covid-19.

The baby’s photo is spiked with the words “Everything will be fine“which means” Everything will be fine “in her diaper, and went viral online.

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