Viral Photo of Nani Sending Cyanide Sate in Prison, Taken by Members of the Bantul Police, Becomes the WA Status of the Police Wife Page all – The suspect’s photo of Nani Aprilia Nurjaman (25) cyanide satay using a yellow negligee went viral on social media.

In the photo circulating, Nani is in custody and the photo is taken from behind bars.

Not just one photo. There are several photos of Nani taken while in prison circulating on social media.

Kasat Reskrim Polres Bantul AKP Ngadi said the photo of Nani wearing a negligee was taken in the detention of the Bantul Police Headquarters, Special Region Yogyakarta.

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After being arrested, Nani was put in the custody of the Bantul Police because the police became the pioneering polsek for female detainees.

Regarding the circulation of Nani’s photo wearing a negligee, his party has coordinated with the Bantul Police.

However, he made sure that Nani was currently in good condition.

“The person concerned is both healthy. Earlier communication, there were no signs of abnormalities or tiredness. Just in good health,” said Ngadi.

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Taken by members of the Bantul Police

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When confirmed, the Head of Bantul Police, Kompol B Ayom, confirmed that the photo was taken by one of its members.

The photo was taken on Saturday (1/5/201) when Nani was detained at the Bantul Police.

Ayom said the photo was taken by his members to send to Nani’s family as proof that Nani had not received any clothes and was only wearing a negligee.

After leaving office, the members told his wife about Nani’s case and sent a photo of the perpetrator wearing a negligee.

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“Then they were photographed and after leaving the office, the member’s wife asked what was the story, there were prisoners with the satay problem ?,” Ayom told reporters.

Bad luck. The photo was uploaded by the wife of the Bantul Police at story WhatsApp personal until it is widespread.

Ayom admitted that he had reprimanded his members so that the incident would not happen again.

“We will give a warning because it is not allowed. But it was not intentionally because it was for personal reasons and his wife wanted to know, sent and continued to be used as a his friends, “he said.

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Called violating the code of ethics

photo" data-photolink="" style=" max-width: 100% ; width:750px ">Atmosphere of Nani Apriliani Nurjaman's house in Padukuhan Cepolojajar RT 3, Kalurahan Sitimulyo, Piyungan, Bantul Tuesday (4/5/2021)KOMPAS.COM/MARKUS YUWONO Atmosphere of Nani Apriliani Nurjaman’s house in Padukuhan Cepolojajar RT 3, Kalurahan Sitimulyo, Piyungan, Bantul Tuesday (4/5/2021)

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations Jogja Police Watch (JPW) Baharudin Kamba thinks that the photo of Nani wearing a negligee is scattered because there is an element of intention.

This assumption arose because the photo was taken by a member of the police.

“JPW considers that there was an element of deliberation by the police and his wife.”

“First, because the Bantul Police member consciously took a photo of the suspect NA twice without rights even though the reason was that NA suspect was dressed in a negligee and had not received clothes from the suspect NA’s family,” said Kamba through a written statement, received Tuesday, (5 / 5/2021).

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He also said that the wife of a police officer consciously made Nani’s photo on her WhatsApp status viral on social media.

“Consciously, the wife of the Bantul police station turned the photo of the suspect NA in the cell into WhatsApp status and went viral on social media. Even though the WhatsApp status we have can be seen or accessed.share to other people, “he added.

Kamba explained that the rights of a person detained by the police are protected by the Regulation of the Head of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia Number 8 of 2009 concerning the Implementation of Human Rights Principles and Standards in the Implementation of the Duties of the Indonesian National Police (Perkapolri 8/2009).

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For this reason, he hopes that the DIY Police Propam will examine the code of ethics violations committed by members of the Bantul Police and their wives.

“JPW encourages the DIY Police Propam to conduct an examination of the alleged violation of the code of ethics against members of the Bantul Police and his wife regarding the photo of the suspect NA who was in a detention cell and was viral on social media,” he said.

“It is not enough to summon and admonish the Bantul Police,” he explained.

SOURCE: (Author: Markus Yuwono | Editor: Khairina)



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