Viral Mesum Patients, Can Covid-19 be Transmitted via Sex?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Lately, the virtual world has been shocked by the tweets of a netizen who claims that Covid-19 patients have sex with health workers while undergoing isolation at the Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital, Jakarta.

However, until now it is not known whether the teasing is true or not. The authorities, in this case, The Integrated Joint Task Command (Kogasgabpad) is still conducting investigations, especially related nurses.

This news also makes netizens question about the possibility of Covid-19 being transmitted through sexual activity.

Can Covid-19 be transmitted through sex?

According to the Mayo Clinic health page, it is currently unclear whether the corona family virus can be transmitted through semen or sperm.

However, several studies have found that the semen of a person infected with Covid-19 was also found in the virus cells.

“There is currently no evidence that the Covid-19 virus is transmitted through semen or vaginal fluids, but the virus has been detected in the semen of people who are or are recovering from the virus. Further research is needed to determine whether the Covid-19 virus can be transmitted sexually, “wrote the report, quoted by CNBC Indonesia, Saturday (26/12).

Although it has not been proven that transmission occurs through sexual intercourse, according to the University of Maryland, sex provides a high risk of transmission.

The reason is that in an intimate relationship there is no distance between the two parties and in sex it also means that there is another intimate relationship such as kissing. This increases the risk of being exposed to Covid-19 from the droplets produced via the mouth and nose.

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Given the high risk of having sex during the Covid-19 pandemic, several studies have recommended guidelines for sex.

Launching CNN Indonesia, Harvard Medical School, for example, has provided recommendations for those of you who want to satisfy sexual desires in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The recommendation is to use a mask and not kiss during sex.

In addition, in the latest review entitled “Sexual Health in the SARS-CoV-2 Era”, researchers also ranked sexual activity from high to low risk of Covid-19 transmission to be used as a benchmark for people who want to have sex.

Here’s the ranking list:

1. Withhold sexual desire
Restraining sexual desire is considered to have a low risk of transmission. However, this is predicted to be difficult for some people.

2. Masturbation

Masturbation is one of the safe options for patients who want to fulfill their sexual needs without fear of contracting Covid-19. Masturbation has a low risk of transmission because it can be done without direct contact with other people.

3. Seks virtual

Virtual sex includes cyber sex and phone sex. However, the researchers warned of the dangers of threatening online sexual crimes.

4. Have sex with people in the same household

Having sex with someone or a partner who lives and undergoes self-quarantine together in one house is preferable, because this method is considered safer because you know more about the condition of other people around you. However, to ensure greater safety, keep using a mask during sexual intercourse.

5. Have sex with someone who is not together

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In this case, the patient must be given counseling about the risk of transmitting Covid-19. The reason is, this sexual activity has a high risk of transmission. However, if the patient insists on ignoring the counseling, the patient is advised to wear a mask and not kiss during sexual intercourse. Apart from that, bathing before and after sexual intercourse is also recommended.

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