Viral Men Refuse E-Parking in Medan Threatens to Break Bobby Nasution’s Neck


A video showing the action of a man refusing electronic parking payments or e-parking in Medan City, North Sumatra, viral on social media. The man threatened to break the Medan Mayor’s neck Bobby Nasution.

Reported from secondsNorth Sumatra, in the video the man looks angry from inside a car. The man is pounding with an officer e-parking. Annoyed, the man threatened to break both the officer’s neck and Bobby Nasution’s neck.

“You called your boss here,” said the man in the car.

“This is the one ordered Mr. Bobby (Mayor of Medan),” replied the parking attendant.

“You called Mr. Bobby here, so I’ll break Mr. Bobby’s neck. Do you want it? Or you— aja I’ll break your neck, will you?” said the man.

The Head of Parking for the Medan Transportation Service (Dishub) Nikmal Fauzi Lubir admitted that he had received a report on the incident. The man who is alleged to have made the threat is now being investigated further. “(Dishub Medan) has received a report. This is currently being investigated,” said Nikmal.

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[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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