Viral husband doesn’t want to pray for baby when wife gives birth, even chooses divorce


The presence of the baby is a gift given by the Creator to a married couple. The baby born can also be a complement to happiness in the household.

But this woman instead received unexpected treatment from her husband. She admitted to being slapped by her husband while pregnant and even more heartbreakingly she was divorced.

It is Nabiela who tells the bitter story of her marriage through uploads on TikTok @_nabielaa.maaseh. Nabiela admitted that since the beginning of her husband’s marriage, he had started cheating.

But Nabiela chose to stay and only advise her husband. When Nabiela first tested positive for pregnancy, she even planned a surprise to tell her husband the happy news.

When Nabiela told her that she was pregnant, she was instead slapped by her husband who was busy playing a game. Nabiela was immediately shocked and disappointed by her husband’s attitude.

“One of the factors for this divorce is responsibility. I was pregnant from the start until I gave birth to my child like a beggar while I am a wife. I just asked my husband’s attention. ” he said.

Quoted from Oh Moon, throughout the pregnancy, Nabiela’s husband did not care at all about the baby in her womb. Even when Nabiela gave birth to their baby. Her husband only came to Kelantan, Malaysia to manage the registration of the child’s birth and only visited the baby for less than an hour.

When Nabiela asked her husband to give the call to prayer for her newborn child, the man did not reply to her message. “Ask for a video call, call to prayer for baby later. That’s all I ask, let him hear his father’s voice first,” wrote Nabiela.

Nabiela wrote in a TikTok video that she and her husband knew each other in 2020. They married in 2021 and divorced in 2022 when she had just given birth to their first child.

Nabiela admitted that she tried to be strong and took care of her baby with love even without her husband. “Divorce is not the end of everything. Because marriage is for us to learn, if we fail we try to get up. God willing, we can marry someone who reflects ourselves,” he said.

Nabiela’s video about the bitter story of her marriage has gone viral and has been watched by more than 1.2 million views. Netizens who commented also prayed for Nabiela.

“Hopefully there will be a part after the test. The child who brings sustenance must have happiness waiting for sis🥰,” said the @maiwadah_ account.

“The child has to be left by the father, the love of a biological father can’t be done at all. Tomorrow the day after tomorrow “he’s still a father” :),” said the account @izni.

“Strongg yaa sis🥺,” said the account @Eyr.ftiha .

“Believe me, one day he will be sorry,” replied @Nurrul izzah.


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Wolipop Confirm

Wolipop has contacted Nabiela Ma’aseh as the uploader of the viral video. The video he uploaded went viral, he claimed to want to strengthen fellow women who experienced a similar incident.

“I am very accepting because of my intention to teach a lesson to all who share the same fate as me,” said Nabiela to Wolipop, Friday (17/6/2022).

Nabiela revealed the reason for sharing her experience on TikTok. “I published this case because my ex-husband never gave me space to talk,” he said annoyed.

“In fact, she continued to file for divorce when I was just fighting for my life to give birth to our first child in our marriage,” continued the Malaysian woman.


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