Viral HKBP Balige Hospital Destroyed-Nakes Persecuted, Perpetrators Arrested!


A video showing the commotion ending destruction at HKBP Balige Hospital, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), viral on social media (social media). The police intervened and arrested the culprit.

View on Tuesday (12/10/2021), in the video, a number of young men came to the reception of the hospital. At first the men were seen chatting with the hospital at the reception desk.

A commotion then ensued between a group of men and hospital staff. There is a visible damage to existing facilities in the hospital.

Not only that, a group of men were also suspected of mistreatment the hospital security guards. The men were also suspected of molesting Mr health workers (nakes).

The Head of Public Relations of the North Sumatra Police, Kombes Hadi Wahyudi, said that the incident started when a colleague of a group of men was injured as a result of the incident accident traffic on Sunday (10/10). The group of men came to see the treatment of their colleagues at the hospital.

“They asked the hospital, namely the doctor, to be treated immediately. And by the team of doctors, they have carried out treatment in the form of cleaning the wound and sewing it,” said Hadi when asked for confirmation.

Hadi said the hospital then asked for an ID card and a vaccine letter as an administrative requirement so that the patient could be treated further. But the youths insisted that the treatment be continued and began to destroy.

“And suddenly a man named Rojes alias Jaspritsing destroyed the COVID barrier (at the hospital reception desk). The security guard who tried to secure him was then pinned down by Rojes, the security guard was also slammed against a wall until he was injured,” said Hadi.

Hadi said the perpetrators of the destruction of the facilities and persecution The hospital security guard has been arrested. Police are still investigating this case.

“Ditreskrimum arrested two perpetrators of abuse at the HKBP Hospital, the case is still being investigated,” explained Hadi.

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