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Being in constant interaction with people you don’t know is not a simple task, since there are all kinds of people. That is why being empathetic is an indispensable requirement to be able to work in customer service, and that Jeremiah, the protagonist of the video that you are about to see, knows very well.

Jeremiah Murrill He is a 20-year-old who has recently become viral on the internet for its contagiously positive attitude. The young man has become a local celebrity since working in a fast food restaurant in North Carolina, U.S.

Every day, rain or shine, Jeremiah receives orders from customers who are even outside the premises in his car. Always with a big smile and a very kind attitude, the young man even tries to remember the names of the recurring clients by personal decision.

Recently, a client dazzled by his way of attending asked permission to record it while he took his order and since that video has been published in Facebook They have already seen it almost half a million times.

The clip that quickly became viral was commented by other clients who also praised Jeremiah’s efforts to give good attention and make them smile.

“It’s my favorite kid! It is literally the most positive person whether it rains or thunders ” or “I am very happy that he receives the recognition he deserves and has simply earned himself for being an optimistic and genuine human being. You are a rare find, friend ”, These are some of the comments that are read in the publication.

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