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Viral Engagement Video of 7-Year-Old Girl in Madura Sparks Controversy


Residents of Dharma Village Camplong, Camplong District, Sampang, Madura, excited by the engagement video of a seven-year-old girl that is now viral on social media. The girl’s parents gave an explanation.

Reported detikJatim, Saturday (20/4/2024), the girl’s parents, Haji Zahri, explained that the engagement happened as a result of a vow made between the two families. The vows were made while in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

“We made this promise while we were working in Saudi Arabia. Well, it turned out that his child was a boy and I was a girl, so we fulfilled that promise,” said Haji Zahri.

Zahri said that he did not intend to keep the communication open at first and was only present with the immediate families of the two children. However, the boy’s family wanted the engagement to be done with great fanfare. They held an event according to tradition in which many people were involved.

“Since it was a vow that had to be fulfilled, the family agreed to keep a wedding vow, to bind the family ties together so that they would not be lost,” said Zahri.

The girl’s mother, Haja Zainab, admitted that the engagement was only to strengthen relationships between families. He said that his child’s marriage would still take place when the child was an adult.

“Our child’s bond is to strengthen family ties, the least of which is marriage after they graduate from college or when they have a stable job,” Zainab said.

This 7-year-old boy’s communication video in Madura has gone viral. One of the videos shows the girl shaking hands with the guests who come to her house one by one. In the video, the invited guests can be heard talking to each other about the boy.

“Nga riyah la alakeah? (Like this, I want to get married”).”

“Nikkenik la alakeah (little ones want to get married)”.

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