Viral! Accused of Actor, This Woman Is Stripped by the Legitimate Wife of a DPRD Member

Jakarta, Insertlive

Social media is stirred by video a woman who raided her husband while making out with another woman in the car.

It was later discovered that the woman who was angry and almost stripped the actor was the wife of SR, a member of the DPRD, North Morowali, Central Sulawesi.

In a video circulating on social media, the wife of a DPRD member shouted to the woman with the initials MD to get out of her husband’s car.

“Down, down, we down. Down you, down you, down the perpetrator,” said the wife.

The wife of a member of the DPRD was also seen wanting to strip the woman who allegedly cheated on her husband.

Suddenly the action attract the attention of citizens around the scene. The residents also tried to bring the woman to an affair by yelling at him as the actor.

In addition, from the video also heard what residents said that the man was indeed a member of the council. An affair woman is also called a bank employee.

“Men are board members and women are bank employees,” said the resident.

Do not accept being humiliated, the woman having an affair report this incident to the police. The reason MD feels himself as a victim of the incident.

“There are police reports from the victims, we are temporarily proceeding for a number of perpetrators involved in the beating in the car,” AKBP Bagus Setiyawan said on Friday (31/7) as quoted by

[Gambas:Video Insertlive]

(Arm / received)

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