Violent robbery in San José: he punched the agent and took money – News

The incident occurred this Tuesday around 7 p.m. in a pool agency located in the El Brillante neighborhood of the town of San José.

A man with a slim physique, dark, with short hair, good looks, dressed in a mustard-colored T-shirt and flowered shorts, wearing a chinstrap, entered the store and the victim took a move.

At that moment, the subject hit him on the head and when the woman fell to the ground, he took advantage of the cell phone and money that was in the box.

The criminal withdrew on a red 110 cc motorcycle, fleeing down Pte. Perón street with another man, both of whom were lost from sight.

Commissioner La Picada, the Criminalistics and Investigations Divisions, the Colón Prosecutor’s Office led by Alejandro Perroud and the police doctor took the intervention.


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