Vincent Queijo soon to be a dad, he reveals a new photo of Rym’s baby bump which makes him react

Rym pregnant with Vincent Queijo, he continues his physical metamorphosis. For her part, the young woman recently explained why she was a little absent from social networks. She says: “We are in the process of organizing the baby shower for the baby. (…) And finally we will announce the sex of the baby! I really want to announce the sex of the baby because it is true that it is not not easy for me to hide it from you. You just have to wait two weeks. “ But for the moment, it’s Rym’s baby bump that we can see evolving. And Vincent Queijo has just unveiled a new photo of his belly …

And this new photo quickly reacted to Internet users. Among the comments, we read: “Magnificent family photo. This look she has on you, magical. A future dad and an attentive partner ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️ You are too beautiful (…) You are too cute !!!! The photo is magnificent (. ..) You are so beautiful (…) You are adorable ❤️ (…) When a woman looks at you like that, you won everything “. There were also more than 147,000 internet users who liked Vincent Queijo’s Instagram post. And if not, Hillary would have given birth and his absence has caused internet users to react.


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