Vincent Collet can count on his work blues in Hungary

Vincent Collet praised the new players present in the France team before the match against Hungary on Monday.

Called up for lack of NBA and Euroleague players, the supporters summoned by Vincent Collet to face Hungary on Monday are “on a missionTo qualify the French basketball team for the 2023 World Cup, even if most will miss the tournament contested by the stars.

The only Blues silver medalist present at the rally, Andrew Albicy, who played less than two minutes before giving way to injury against Montenegro, is not on the trip to Kaposvar. None of the Tokyo Olympic vice-champions will therefore face Hungary on the second day of qualifying for the next World Cup.

«What is remarkable is the involvement of those who replace (the usual ones selected) and who, however, have no guarantee on a possible participation in the final phase.“Praised the coach this week. “We are transparent about that and, despite everything, we never have to deplore a lower investment.»

You should have seen Louis Labeyrie struggling in the racket on Friday, Isaïa Cordinier struggling to find the opening, or even Nicolas Lang return to the floor after a spectacular twist of his left ankle.

And yet, already absent from the Games, the trio, determining in the start of the successful qualifying campaign on Friday (73-67 in Pau against Montenegro), still has little chance of playing in the 2023 World Cup. With a paradox: if the Blues are there, it is that they will have qualified.

«They can be proud»

At the end of the long-awaited success, Vincent Collet therefore held a press conference at “congratulateAgain and again his players for their sense of duty despite a blocked horizon.

«The state of mind of course depends on the people who make up the groups. That’s why I want to congratulate them so much. They can be proud of what they have done»He insisted in a sincere ode to these working Blues.

The situation is not new. For four years and the creation of international windows for qualifying for the World Cup or the Euro, the coach often has to do without his NBA stars or Euroleague sizes, not released by their employers.

Among the players who took part in the qualifying matches for the 2019 World Cup, around 15 of them were absent from the tournament in China.

This was the case for Axel Julien, Lahaou Konaté, Mouhammadou Jaiteh and Amine Noua, who took part in the success against Montenegro on Friday and who will be in Kaposvar against Hungary on Monday.

«I try to focus on what I can bring“, Explains the Bologna hub,”I have a»Jaiteh. «I do not put myself in an individual logic but a collective one.»

«The players came on a mission», Appreciates the coach particularly attentive to the state of mind in the composition of his list. “This is something very important to me and to my staff.»



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