Villeur’Good Festival: Eco-Friendly Fun in Villeurbanne

Villeurbanne hosts the Villeur’Good Festival on Sunday. It is in a way the villeurbannais counterpart of the Greener Festival, organized each year in Lyon.

The Villeur’Good Festival is a day of discoveries and debates around ecological issues and responsible consumption. All organized by the association the Greener Good.

Our guest: Clémentine Mossé, organizer of this festival which will take place at Skyscraper Outdoor Laboratory.

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Since 2021, this place of experimentation has temporarily occupied 7,000 m2 of land, at the foot of the Skyscrapers, pending the future extension of the district.

It is an open place, dedicated to local life and urban development. It will close its doors at the end of 2023.

The Exterior Laboratory of Skyscrapers hosts the Villeur’Good Festival

It essentially hosts four structures: the Ferme Des Artisans, a place that promotes revegetation, crafts and the economy
circular. But also the EPI (Space for Sharing and Innovation) eco-construction project, the urban agriculture experiment carried out by Landscraper and the temporary architecture project led by META (Maison des Échanges et des Transmissions Associatives).

Clementine Mosse

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Clementine Mosse

Participants in the Villeur’Good Festival will be able to take advantage of an entertainment program for young and old. Don’t miss the conference “L’eau, Fake or not” by the hydrologist engineer, Charlène Descollonges.

But also the Fresque de la Monnaie, animated by the volunteers of La Gonette, the local currency of the Rhône. The Greener Ville game helps identify the individual and collective actions to be taken to build a city adapted to climate change.

From water to money…

Also a workshop to make your solid shampoo, run by the association Awareness and Ecological Impact.

More than 20 structures will be present in a village of exhibitors. Among them, we will find the brand new cooperative grocery store Melting Coop (formerly Demain supermarket), the future Small canteen of VilleurbanneEnjoué and its refurbished games and toys, the plants of The Green Sproutfinds from the thrift store Let’s gobeverages distilled on site by Yousta ou encore the antigaspi dishes of The Fabulous Canteen.

All exhibitors can be found here:…good-festival/

Villeur'Good Climate Festival

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