VILLENEUVE-LEZ-AVIGNON Manon Pennaneach, “golden” apprentice at La Magie des pains

Manon Pennaneach has been an apprentice since the end of June 2021 at the La Magie des pains bakery. (Marie Meunier / Goal Gard)

In the Villeneuvoise pastry shop “La Magie des pains”, we can say that young people are talented. We told you about it Dorian Hernandez who shined in M6’s special apprenticeship program “Best Bakery in France”. Here is the journey of Manon Pennaneach, who at 19 just won the regional competition for the best butter croissant in Isigny.

The young woman, originally from Brittany, started a professional patent at the CFA in Avignon in September and won the apprenticeship apron at the La Magie des pains bakery. Before that, she obtained a professional baccalaureate in pastry at Concarneau and passed one further mention. ” I didn’t want to stay in Brittany. I had been following Laurent Bocquet (creator of La Magie des pains, ed) on Instagram for a year. I was very interested in the business, especially since in the future I would like to open my own bakery and work with sourdough“, Says the young woman.

Here, here in the south for at least two years, the time to validate his diploma. But that’s far from his only goal. Manon has been competing for several years now. She at 16 she finished 3rd in the regional competition for the best butter croissant of Isigny. She then won the departmental and regional stages of the competition for the best young baker (MJB) in France and finished 2nd in the national final. She thus won her ticket to the international event which was supposed to take place in Taiwan. But the pandemic has upset the program. The final took place in Lyon in September 2021 and the Breton finished 2nd by team.

“Once you start the races, the hardest thing is to stop”

The list of awards is already beautiful at just 19 years old. ” I am not naturally stressed. Once I am in the contest, I have tried so hard that I know what to do and where to go. When stress is present, that’s when we make careless mistakes“, Explains the young woman, who adds:” Once you start racing, the hardest part is stopping.

This is not today’s resolution. A little less than a year ago, Manon also signed up for the best baker apprentice. She had departmental gold, regional gold and she finally passed the national test in October in Nantes. Again, the young woman took first place and therefore carries the title of best baker apprentice in France 2021. about her Her version of buckwheat convinced the jurors by far. ” In total, there have been more than 7 hours of testing and we don’t even raise our heads once“, she says. This victory is all the more impressive as she won it a month later with the MJB.

Her latest success dates back just two weeks ago: she finished 2nd in the chocolate brioche contest and won the regional competition for the best butter croissant in Isigny at the Valréas professional high school. What made the difference? ” The crescent must have a well curved shape. The jurors also look at the puff pastry, the regularity, the cooking, the weight … We must also finish with a minimum of scraps“, explains. Now he is preparing for the national croissant final which will take place in Normandy on 17 and 18 May.

Mary Meunier

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