Villarreal CF takes advantage of contacts with Tottenham to propose barter

In addition to Lo Celso, the Yellow Submarine wants to reinforce the left side

Young Lo Celso is he great goal for Villarreal CF in the Tottenham. After the great level that he showed with the yellow jersey, the club wants to have his services again. Since the end of the season they have been looking for the formula to convince al Tottenham, but there is a factor that is delaying the operation. A factor that the yellow submarine directive did not expect.

And it is that this summer several Millionaire sales at Villarreal CF, but so far no one has left. Pau Torres and Danjuma were the main candidates to be transferred, something that would have left almost 100 million euros in the coffers of the club. But without these sales, arrivals are getting complicated. That’s why now They have offered an operation to Tottenham which could be advantageous for both clubs.

Celso Villarreal
Reguilón likes Villarreal CF

Villarreal CF takes advantage of good relationship with Tottenham

In recent days the talks between the two clubs have intensified. Lo Celso will be a Villarreal CF player next season, but the yellow submarine wants to include another footballer in the operation. That other footballer is Sergio Reguilón, who does not enter the London club’s plans either. And his most likely destination is the Santander League, where he still has a very good poster.

Sevilla FC was the main candidate to get his signature, but they have finally opted for the Álex Telles option. FC Barcelona is also following in the footballer’s footsteps, but the first option is still Marcos Alonso. This leaves Villarreal CF alone in the bidding, although to get his loan they want to send a footballer to London who has been groped by several teams for weeks.

Villarreal proposes barter

This footballer is Pervis Estupiñán, who this summer has been tested by Napoli, in addition to Tottenham himself. The English team wants the Ecuadorian footballer and Villarreal CF would not look badly on the sale of him. Especially if it is to take over Lo Celso as property and with the transfer of Reguilón with a purchase option. A purchase option that could be worth 18 million euros.

At the moment no decision has been made and the only thing that seems clear is that Lo Celso will return to work under Emery’s orders. As for the side, everything seems to indicate that it could be resolved in the last weeks of the market. Of course, his options are being reduced in the Santander League, as the teams in the upper part of the classification are making their squads.

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