Vigilant Maja Bohosiewicz STROFUJE Maffashion advertising supplements during breastfeeding

A few weeks ago, Maffashion’s life turned upside down. In September, a blogger and her partner Sebastian Fabijański welcomed a child, a son, into the world Weather in Bastiana. Currently, Kuczyńska is preoccupied with maternal duties, and she often reports on the care of her descendants online.

Despite the multitude of parental responsibilities Maffashion she also does not forget about professional obligations. Just two weeks after giving birth, the blogger was already working on the set of a photo shoot. Recently, she has been absorbed in celebration success your clothing brand Eppram. Last week, the jackets of the project were put on by the companies Kourtney Kardashian and her friend Addison Rae. Kardashianki’s fashion choice made Maff truly euphoric and it is hardly surprising – for her brand it was great promotion. Unfortunately, the styling of Kardashianka and her 20-year-old “psiapsi” did not appeal to everyone.

It’s no secret that recently Maffashion has been relatively eager to share her maternal experiences online. So far Kuczyńska has clearly tried to avoid being one of the so-called instamatek and did not present idealized, carefully posed photographs.

In the end, the celebrity decided to make an exception and on Sunday advertised dietary supplements on her Instagram profile strengthen her hair.


I don’t know what my hair will be like after pregnancy, after breastfeeding and if it will actually start falling out. I choose prophylaxis and blow it cold and for several weeks I have been taking it (here Maff presented her fans with the name of the supplement and the discount code – editor’s note). Many of my observers wrote to me about taking care of my hair earlier. You also write to me how it was with you falling out. And honestly? There is no rule. From extreme to extreme. We will see! – we read on Instagram of the blogger.

Julka also talked about the recommended preparation on her Insta Story, where she emphasized that nursing mothers should consult a doctor about its use. Observant Internet users, however, noticed that the manufacturer himself does not recommend using the drug during breastfeeding.

On the website, the manufacturer does not recommend the preparation during pregnancy or breastfeeding (…) – how is it, then, is it possible or not?

Apparently, it is not recommended to take them during lactation, as they are written in the composition.


She also joined the discussion under one of the comments Maja Bohosiewicz.

Please visit my profile (…), which tells you which ingredients are safe for pregnant or lactating women and which are not. Virtually NO supplements should be taken by pregnant women and women during KP – said the celebrity.

It didn’t take long for Maff’s reply.

When deciding to use any supplements, the first contact is the doctor – wrote the blogger.


Many internet users agreed with the blogger, emphasizing that the possibility of supplementation during the feeding period depends primarily on from the doctor’s opinion.

@majabohosiewicz most of the bans on KP to marketing d * salsa. Even on paracetmol there is a note to consult a doctor during pregnancy and during KP – added another internet user.

Some are d * cravings, yes. But it is also difficult to determine the quality of the supplement, since it does not even show the amount of a given substance on the page in the composition Bohosiewicz replied.

Some instagramers also accused Bohosiewicz that under the entry Maff recommends seeking help on the dietitian’s profile, and her comments are only a smart way to promote your own products.


(…) I do not deny the lack of knowledge, but do not make a nutritionist or a professor (…)

@majabohosiewicz Criticize the competition to advertise your brands, no hit.

Finally Maffashion took the floor again.

I recommend them as normal hair knots. They also help with nails. Of course, my situation is different, well, it is about post-pregnancy hair. But everyone uses it according to their own needs, and when in doubt, always, always the first counselor is a doctor. I can take them – the blogger explained to the observers.

Did you expect such confusion under her entry?

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