Viggo Venn: The Clown Conquering Britain’s Got Talent with Satirical and Serious Humor

Mood must somehow be both satirical and serious. While Viggo strikes a blow for the stupid, for the west under the west. I love it. And I love that the whole world loves it. It is absolutely beautiful.

Comedian Jonis Josef is a colleague and good friend of Viggo Venn, the Norwegian clown and comedian who tonight stands on one of the world’s biggest stages: the final of the TV program Britain’s Got Talent.

Among other things, the program was responsible for the world breakthrough of the singer Susan Boyle, and the final last year had almost 18 million TV viewers.

Josef believes it is difficult to take in the extent of what is now happening with his friend.

We couldn’t in our wildest imaginations imagine that he would conquer one of the world’s biggest TV shows. But there is no one I wish this for more than Viggo.

COMEDIAN: Jonis Josef is full of admiration and praise for his friend and colleague Viggo Venn.


– We all need a little Viggo in our lives

Viggo Venn was born in Kongsberg, lives in London and has clown training from the French theater school Ecole Philippe Gaulier. He dropped out of an economics degree to become a clown, and since 2016 has toured Europe, the USA and Australia.

The TV adventure started when Viggo Venn did an audition which was shown in the popular programme. The performance, where he jumped around and took off endless layers of reflective vests, had the audience and TV viewers laughing.

Simon Cowell

FAMOUS: Judge Simon Cowell is known for his sharp tongue, and was initially skeptical of Viggo Venn. But now the veteran has turned around and become a fan.

Photo: Vianney Le Caer / Ap

Famous judge Simon Cowell initially gave the thumbs down to Viggo Venn, but the other three judges on the show saw him progress from the audition to the semi-finals.

In the semi-final, Viggo Venn was praised by everyone in the judging quartet.

– We all need a little Viggo in our lives, this was the best performance tonight, said judge Alesha Dixon.

– The most annoying of the whole evening, said Simon Cowell, but admitted that Viggo Venn was his favorite feature.

Watch video from the audition here:

A down-to-earth guy from Kongsberg

Morten Urdal Bakke is a childhood friend of Viggo Venn from Kongsberg, and is now in London to watch the final with his immediate family. Ground has been in contact with Viggo Venn close to the show, and says it is great for the main character to experience this.

He is very happy, and of course he is very excited. He is very grateful to be able to showcase the clown profession to a wider audience, says Bakke.

And even though Viggo Venn is now the talk of the town, he has his feet firmly planted on the ground, says the friend.

He is a down-to-earth guy from Kongsberg, and has not lost his temper for that reason. But of course he thinks it’s great.

Watch the video from the semi-final here:

– As if Skeid wins the Champions League

Jonis Josef has himself seen earlier versions of the comedy performances that Viggo Venn has done in the programme, and is not surprised that they have taken the audience by storm. He describes Viggo Venn as a thorough guy, who is dedicated to his job.

– He isr incredibly kind and warm, a fan of the subject, and passionate about humour. Genuinely interested in what he does.

Viggo Venn is in second place on the odds lists ahead of the final, after the disabled dancer Musa Motha. The winner receives a prize of 250,000 pounds (equivalent to NOK 3.4 million), and gets to perform at the The Royal Variety Performance.

Jonis Josef believes that Viggo Venn has won anyway by getting this far. But he has a comparison in store for a possible win.

It feels a bit like Skeid winning the Champions League in football. And Dthere is no one who does not wish Skeid to win the Champions League.

And regardless of the outcome, he believes Viggo Venn has left a humorous footprint.

Viggo makes us laugh so hard our stomachs hurt. You think you have to like clever jokes, then one comes along that makes you think about what humor should really be.

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