Viewers Ruin Wanted fall from one surprise to the next

Edwin had to dig deep into his pockets to buy the rubble in Putten. Although it was not initially intended, Inge and Edwin plan to move in with their mixed family. According to Edwin, they can both do good jobs, so a ruin shouldn’t be a problem for them. He does have one condition: he does not want to live in the house itself during the renovation. He has already experienced this before and it did not work out too well for his relationship at the time. “That’s why I said, if I’m going to renovate a house, I don’t want to live in it.”

Inge and Edwin therefore decide to buy a mobile home, where they can live while doing odd jobs. There is only one small problem: it also needs to be completely refurbished. One caravan quickly becomes two caravans, and at one point they even have three on their site. Still, they remain positive. “We don’t have to go to the gym for the time being,” laughs Inge. After three months of odd jobs, a lot has been done, but not a millimeter has been nailed to the actual house. All attention continues to be paid to the caravans in the garden. “If you do it, then you have to do it right”, Edwin explains. “I just want to have quality.”

After four months, presenter Natasja Froger and architect Bob Sikkens come to take a look. And what Bob already feared has become reality: nothing has been done about the house yet …

A few months later, on top of that news, there is also a breakup. The tensions surrounding the renovation have run so high that Inge and Edwin have decided to separate. “I love her dearly, but I cannot live together with her son. I choose for myself and then it is over. I take my loss and choose for myself,” said Edwin.

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Natasja, meanwhile, visits Inge. “The whole problem was in the way Edwin raises his son and I raise mine. That has irritated me,” she says. “You are all together under one roof and try to manage it. But it has caused so many arguments and fights in recent months that it has to stop for me now. Too much has happened to try it. must first get back to myself. “

Watch the episode here back.

Another successful housing program is Buy Without Lookingn. Bob Sikkes is next to Martijn Krabbé the great force behind the show. Buyers who have too many demands are addressed rigorously but fairly and Bob manages to turn the most hopeless hut into a palace. And in the meantime, many women fall head over heels for the charming contractor.

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