Viewers impressed by OG3NE’s performances at Beau

The sisters recently received a big surprise from their great idol Dolly. She responded to one of the covers of OG3NE and was lyrical. “Wow, what a beautiful sound and harmony”, the singer said among other things.

Reason enough to get back on the stage and perform the moving version of ‘Jolene’. The sisters also sang pieces from ‘I Will Always Love You’ and ‘9 to 5’. The viewers of Beau soon shared one praise after another on Twitter: ‘Remains great’. They also called for the covers to be released themselves.

The sisters Lisa, Amy and Shelley also shared a backstage photo on Instagram, under which it rained compliments. “It was so beautiful,” writes one follower. ‘Beautiful’, said another.

Watch the live rendition of ‘Jolene’ below.

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