View to the east: The (unsettling) calm situation with our neighbors

At least the Easter holidays were regulated in a similar way to our eastern neighbor: No trade fairs, no family visits, strict exit restrictions: residents of the capital Bratislava were even strictly prohibited from leaving the urban area, strictly controlled by the police and military.

In terms of official numbers, those in Slovakia are impressively low. Fewer than 800 infected, less than half a dozen deaths.

But this can also be explained by the comparatively small number of tests carried out. The Easter weekend had just passed the 20,000 mark, in Austria there are almost seven times as many. For many experts, this clearly results in a high number of unreported cases.

Then there is the very strict definition of a corona dead in Slovakia. The cause of death must be proven to be the virus, which is often difficult to determine in older patients with chronic diseases. Conservative Prime Minister Igor Matovic is definitely proud of his government’s accomplishments. He emphasizes that no example will be taken of Austria, since there are ten times as many infected people.

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