View the corona figures of May 10 in five graphs NOW

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) publishes an overview of figures on the corona crisis in the Netherlands every day. brings together the most figures that are now known (Sunday 10 May) in five graphs.

Again fewer deaths and hospitalizations than week earlier

RIVM reported 18 registered new deaths and 22 new hospital admissions on Sunday. That’s less than a week earlier, when 69 new deaths and 44 new admissions were reported.

The graph below shows the actual number of deaths and hospitalizations by date. The numbers may rise or fall afterwards due to new information and the figures for the last three days are still very incomplete.

The actual number of deaths is greater than RIVM reports, because not everyone who dies from the COVID-19 virus has also been tested.

Number of Dutch corona patients in intensive care continues to decline

The number of Dutch corona patients in intensive care continues to decrease, reports the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS) on Saturday. There are currently 507 corona patients on the ICU. That is 32 less than Saturday.

492 of the mentioned 507 corona patients are in the Netherlands. That is also 23 less than Friday. Fifteen Dutch corona patients are now in Germany, the same number as a day earlier.

East of Brabant and Limburg are the hardest hit

The map below shows the total number of hospital admissions per 100,000 inhabitants per municipality. This clearly shows that East Brabant and North Limburg have been most affected.

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The data per municipality appears when you click on a municipality in the map or enter the name of the municipality in the search bar.

Most deaths are between 85 and 89 years old

Of all deceased confirmed corona patients, 22.2 percent were between 85 and 89 years old. The number of deaths between the ages of 80 and 85 is lower: 21.1 percent. More than 78 percent of the deceased corona patients were 75 years or older.

The figures from RIVM (blue stands for hospital admissions, red for deaths) show that the youngest person who died in the Netherlands from the consequences of the coronavirus was eighteen or nineteen years old. According to the RIVM, this person had underlying health problems.

Men die more often, women test positive more often

55.9 percent of the deceased corona patients were male. Of the corona patients admitted to hospital, 61.2 percent are men and 38.8 percent are women. However, more women than men have tested positive.

The majority of all infected health care workers are women. This is probably because women are overrepresented in health care professions. Half of the infected care workers are under 45 years old.

The cabinet expanded the test capacity at the beginning of April, allowing health care workers to have themselves tested more often. Since then, more women than men have tested positive for the coronavirus, while previously this ratio was about the same.

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