Vienna Corona Cluster: The tone between the federal government and the city is getting rougher

And the numbers show one more thing: the proportion of people who are infected with the coronavirus is measured in terms of the number of tests Vienna at around 3.5 percent. This places the federal capital below the average, namely across Austria around 4.2 percent.

Tests also without symptoms

In cuts are in Vienna Around 1,500 tests are carried out per day. However, only around 100 are people who have contacted the 1450 hotline. The rest of the tests are carried out within the framework of focal points and cluster analyzes, the city emphasizes. And this also applies to asymptomatic people.

For example, not only residents and staff in care facilities and hospital staff are being systematically examined, but also asylum homes and homeless shelters. The responsible city councilor said that one wanted to “look closely” Peter Hacker (SPÖ) formulated.

So far, six refugee and four homeless homes have been “screened”. In total, more than 1,000 refugees and more than 70 employees were employed on the virus tested. Corona smears were also taken from around 1,000 homeless people and also from around 70 carers. This is how infected residents of the emergency sleep center in the former geriatric center became Wienerwald in Hietzing and the seven sick asylum seekers discovered. Contact tracement is currently running there. It is checked whether there are connections to the cases in the post centers.

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