Videography Becomes a Leading Oppo Reno5 Camera Technology

AKURAT.CO, Oppo again introduces the latest device, Reno5. This successor device from Reno4 brings advantages on the videography side.

The Oppo Reno5 presents a front view with a punch-hole selfie camera design. On the back of the device, the Quad-Cam matrix or array of four cameras is designed as an inverted ‘L’ shape.

The four cameras are placed on a frame with rounded corners. For more details, here are the camera features of the Oppo Reno5:

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AI Highlight Video

The industry’s first feature to use AI algorithms to detect light conditions and automatically apply the required calculations based on different scenarios. This feature is available for both front and rear cameras.

In low light, the Camera activates the Ultra Night Video algorithm to optimize the quality of nighttime videos to look bright, sharp and natural.

In situations with strong backlighting, HDR Live automatically works to produce subjects and backgrounds that can be seen as clearly making special optimizations for portraits when detecting human subjects.

AI Mixed Potrait

Through this feature, the Oppo Reno5 has the ability to combine portrait videos with background videos. AI Mixed Portrait brings dual-exposure video effects to smartphones for the first time, enabling never-before-seen artistic effects.

This feature presents two different artistic modes so that users can adjust when the portrait video blends with the video in the background.

Dual-view Video

Dual-view Video is a feature that allows video to be captured via the front and rear cameras simultaneously. This dual recording with different perspectives can easily combine the user and the object recorded in a single video frame.

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AI Color Potrait

AI Color Portrait is a feature that supports photo and video functions, making the background black and white while keeping human objects in their true colors. This feature features vivid colors and contrasts that make the photo look like a work of art that will be trending among young people. Even more interesting, AI Color Portrait is also available for video recording.

AI Monochrome Video

AI Monochrome Video is a combination of three types of video filters, which add an effect similar to that of a widescreen film which only retains only the red, green or blue color of the object in the video, while the rest of the video will be displayed in black and white. This feature also supports real-time preview.

Image Clear Engine (ICE)

Image-clear Engine (ICE) functions to optimize OPPO Reno5’s ability to obtain fast image captures.

AI Scene Enhancement

Utilizing AI Scene Enhancement, OPPO Reno5 can provide customized optimizations for color / saturation / brightness for certain scenes that are recognized by the AI ​​algorithm when taking photos.

Ultra-Clear 108 MP Image

Oppo Reno5 can take photos with a resolution of up to 108 MP from the rear camera, providing clarity, as well as very rich detail and texture. The high detail capture capability allows the user to enlarge the image multiple times and still get clear images.

Ultra-Night Selfie Mode

Supported by a 44 MP front camera, Oppo Reno5 offers Ultra Night Selfie Mode to optimize photos and brighten low light environments and photo subjects.

Ultra-Dark Mode

The mode will run automatically in a very dark environment. With this feature, the Oppo Reno5 can capture what is barely visible to the naked eye.

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Night Flare Potrait

Night Flare Portrait is Oppo’s exclusive feature that creates clear and bright night portraits with a natural bokeh effect.


Oppo SOLOOP’s exclusive smart video editor, can now be accessed from the camera interface and offers the latest, more interesting features to make portrait videos easily.

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