Videogames: PS5: Sony claims there will be limited quantities of PlayStation 5 in prev

Just a few days ago, Sony confirmed that they will not delay the distribution of the console despite the outbreak of the coronavirus worldwide.

It is a massive challenge on all fronts. Not only in the organizational sections that I supervise, but in all“, Explain Lempel.

The good news is that we are succeeding. We will launch it this year – this is something that is going to happen – and as far as I’m concerned we are going to make sure it arrives with all the magic and excitement of the releases that we have carried out in the past”, He ends.

Although they claim that the console will be sold on the expected date, it was recently revealed that they will have a limited number of PS5 consoles in the digital presale. In turn, “due to limited quantities and high demand”, users will only be able to buy one console.

We will have to wait for an official statement from Sony to know if there will be problems regarding the global distribution of the console. For now, there is no Peruvian store that already promotes the sale of the PS5.

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