Video: We’re with you, Kamila. Russia has also involved soldiers in the defense of the figure skater

Fifteen-year-old Russian figure skater Kamila Valiyev was predicted to win gold in Thursday’s freestyle in Beijing, but failed. She didn’t even win a medal. Russia was subsequently criticized by the Western media and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). For example, there were words about bullying.


The Russian Ministry of Defense released a propaganda clip in response to the case of figure skater Valiyev. | Video: Russian Ministry of Defense

Valijevová was burdened by a positive doping test, which was published during the Olympics and attracted the brand’s attention.

According to the Russians, it was this attention that caused the failure of the talented figure skater, who was visibly nervous while riding. The Russian Ministry of Defense also took part in Valiyev’s defense, which published a video on the social network (see above), where members of the Russian army guard a child figure skater in front of those who intimidate her.

The short clip ends with the hashtag #KamiloJsmeSTebou, referring to Valijevová.

Despite a positive doping test, it could start on Thursday after the intervention of international arbitration. However, in the event of its success, the ceremony with the awarding of the medal should not take place until the whole case has been sufficiently investigated.

However, Valiyev did not win the medal, which she mourned. To this end, she received harsh criticism from her own coaching team.

Subsequently, there were growing voices that children should not compete in figure skating at the Olympics and that the age limit should be raised from fifteen to seventeen or eighteen. Russia has opposed this change, as it relies on 15-year-old racers who, unlike adults, rely on quadruple jumps due to their unique dispositions. But they often pay extra for their health and end soon with an active sports career.

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