VIDEO: Warm welcome for released ex-VP Ashwin Adhin in Ocer

From released today ex-vp Ashwin Adhin just received a warm welcome at NDP party center Ocer. Adhin left the Richelieu police station around 7:00 pm and went straight to Ocer. There he was welcomed by, among others, NDP topper Ramon Abrahams.

Adhin has been detained for over a week. According to the examining magistrate (RC) there are sufficient facts and circumstances that give a reasonable suspicion of guilt against the suspect for the criminal offenses referred to in the detention order.

However, the rc also indicates that the suspect had to be charged first under the State of Indictment of Political Office Holders Act.

The ex-vp was picked up by the police on November 16. Today it was decided that he should be released. He was received by an enthusiastic group of NDP members when he arrived at the party building.

This is what Rabin Parmessar said about his release:

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video-warm-onthaal-voor-ex-vp-ashwin-adhin-in-ocer/”/>VIDEO: Warm onthaal voor vrijgelaten ex-vp Ashwin Adhin in Ocer”/>

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