VIDEO. Violence in Washington: images inside Capitol stormed by pro-Trump activists

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The storming of the Capitol, in Washington, was filmed from all angles, this Wednesday, January 6. In these images, taken inside the building, we see the elected representatives of the House of Representatives testifying during the assault.

“We have just been told that they entered here, in the Rotunda, confides Peter Welch, an elected member of the House of Representatives. They asked us all to put on a gas mask.”

These images, filmed by the elected official himself, during the assault on the Capitol, in Washington, caused this Wednesday, January 6 by pro-Trump activists, are one of the many video testimonies circulating on social networks this Thursday. . Shocking, surreal images that show the Hemicylus of the Senate under siege, as if it were war.

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“Shots are fired inside the Capitol,” whispered Tom Suozzi, an elected official from New York, while crouching in one of the spans of the House of Representatives. “Most of the people are evacuated. I feel surprisingly calm,” he continues, looking at his smartphone. Around him, we hear the police shouting “All down!” “No photos, no videos!”

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Most of the elected officials were finally able to be evacuated. Some have taken refuge in their offices, like Mike Gallagher, elected from Wisconsin. “I am locked up here because demonstrators stormed the Capitol, confronting the police and forcing access to Statuary Hall, he confides on his screen. It is worthy of a Banana Republic, which is happening before our eyes! “

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