VIDEO. United States: the impressive images of a “fire tornado” in California

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A fire tornado formed on Wednesday evening August 10 in a brush fire in California. Impressive images of the phenomenon have been captured.

A whirlwind of fire in the middle of a brazier. These are the impressive images captured and broadcast by the American KTLA-TV Channel.

This fiery tornado formed in the heart of a brush fire near Gorman, says the Los Angeles Times. She was immortalized from a helicopter.

According the Futura site, this impressive phenomenon is not uncommon in fires. If they are called “fire tornado”, it is rather a whirlwind. Hot air rises, begins to spin and drags embers and flames with it. These vortices can be several hundred meters high, move over several hundred meters, and reach an internal temperature of 1,500 to 2,000 ° C, they explain.

The fire broke out on Wednesday afternoon. In the evening, it extended over more than 60 hectares but did not threaten any building.

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