VIDEO. Two swimmers disguise themselves in buoys to deceive the police on a beach in

After several weeks of confinement, two friends decided to defy the prohibitions and jump into the water, on a beach in Hyeres ((Var). Friday, May 8, the two men disguised themselves as markup buoys in an attempt to thwart the vigilance of the police, reports Nice morning. An unusual sequence that has toured social networks and has been viewed more than 335,000 times.

The fifties were thus filmed in a swimsuit, a buoy screwed on their head, having fun in the waves. Nothing to deceive the police who quickly tried to arrest the two offenders. Finally, only one of the two was caught and fined, said the local newspaper.

“A little cheerfulness during this period”

“I know it’s not serious about confinement but if it can make a lot of people smile and cheer up during this period, we gladly pay our fine”, justifies the bather to Nice morning. Surprised by the success of his approach with Internet users, he reveals that some have even offered to launch a kitty to help him pay his fine.

The beaches of Hyères, like on the whole territory, remain closed despite the deconfinement. But the mayor of the city has decided to request an exemption from the prefect for the reopening of these spaces in the coming days.


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