VIDEO: The team of the show “Kibeles at home” is surprised by the chaos in Magone’s homestead


The trio of experts, already arriving at the “Avotiņi” farm, concluded that the area looks as if it would have crossed the tornado – both property and household waste are dumped everywhere. “Of course, it is very daring to receive guests in such a company in a modest corner of the earth, I would say, because it is clear that criticism will have to be heard. Yes, it lives in the countryside. Yes, that’s how I grew up. , in my eyes it is not so terrible and critical, “justifies Magone.

Pavlov doesn’t think so: “It usually happens to drive past country houses, where everything is tidy – a painted building, some word, flowers, stone or wooden installation. Here – one trash can.”

Colored Margarita also had something to say about Poppy’s style – the poet greeted the guests with a handkerchief in her head, which earned Margarita criticism. The Latgalian thought that Magone looked older than her years, and even she would not be allowed to walk in her fields with such a headgear. “Poppy looks like the wife of a soap factory,” says Margarita.

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