VIDEO: Social network users are excited about how Kaupers teaches Latvian

A video has been published on the Facebook page of the group “Brainstorm”, in which the group’s soloist Renārs Kaupers offers to learn various Latvian phrases.

Renārs explains to the followers that, for example, if the followers have heard a song in Russian with the words “vējš ir kā vējš”, which is actually “rudens kā rudens” in Latvian.

“Shall we learn until it’s too late, a couple more Latvian phrases in the fall?” calls Kaupers.

Video Kaupers offers to learn several phrases, such as “drag gummies and go mushroom”, “I’d like one mulled wine and an apple pie,” “wash your hands and please at the table!” and other.

Both Latvians and Russians were excited about the video, writing that the phrases taught by Kauper are useful, and it is nice to learn something new. Almost 2,000 people have tagged the Facebook video as “likes”.

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