News Video shows abuse of a black teenager in Michigan

Video shows abuse of a black teenager in Michigan


IIn the United States, a video of another homicide against a black teenager is shocking. A CCTV camera shows how at least seven employees of the Lakeside Academy psychiatric institution in Kalamazoo, Michigan, are holding and sitting on the arms and legs of 16-year-old Cornelius Fredericks. The video was released on Tuesday by the teen’s lawyer and estate administrator, Geoffrey Fieger.

Fredericks was knocked down on April 29, according to the video, for throwing a sandwich in the cafeteria. About a dozen other teenagers can be seen sitting in the cafeteria in the video.

A lawyer’s civil suit in June said the boy shouted “I can’t breathe” when he was detained. According to the video, it appears to have been around twelve minutes during which the facility staff also sat on the boy’s chest and stomach. At the end of the video, the boy appears weak and falls back as the men try to put him on. Others intervene and begin resuscitation.

Suffocation death

Fredericks suffered a cardiac arrest, came into hospital and died two days later. His death was rated a homicide. The doctor who did the autopsy said Fredericks had choked.

Two nurses and a nurse were subsequently released and the negligent killing and the Child abuse accused. Lawyer Fieger called on the authorities to indict others. “As you can see in the video, far more than two people are involved in suffocating him,” said Fieger. His office hired a forensic examiner to examine the video material, parts of which are said to be missing. “It jumps and then people who were in the scene a second ago are suddenly no longer there.”


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