Video: Selene faced cancer to defeat it

Ciudad Juárez.- Hearing the word cancer is usually an emotional impact for the patient, at the time it causes fear, sadness and anguish because they do not know what will happen, however there are other people who see in their diagnosis the strength to come out ahead .

Selene Martínez, 37, a mother of a family and a professional began her greatest challenge with the pandemic in 2020, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, faced with the complicated nature of her case, she decided to face the disease and face it.

Removing one of her breasts was not bad news, on the contrary, it was one of the options to save her life, and as she explains: A breast does not make a woman neither more nor less and when I saw myself for the first time in the mirror with a scar from end to end, it made me understand that I had a new life expectancy.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is one of the best therapies, changing your lifestyle and diet as well, because what is required at the moment is positivity and not regrets. Today Selene is cancer free and has dedicated herself to supporting other women who have gone through the same thing, donating breast prostheses to patients in Ciudad Juárez and Jiménez, in addition to opening ties so that these types of donations will be made soon in other parts from the country.



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