VIDEO: Samanta Tīna, Kasher, Uģis Kuģis and Katrīne Sauliete cause an accident

In the show “Four on Suitcases”, the most famous Krishnaite in Latvia, Uģis Kuģis, singer Samanta Tīna, multi-artist Kašers and influencer Katrīne Sauliete have toured Latvia in a camper, but the trip has not developed without incident.

Already on the first day of the trip, it was revealed that none of the participants is ready to sit at the steering wheel of the camper.

Only Katrīne Sauliete was ready to sit behind the wheel, but while entering Limbaži and trying to “park” the camper, Katrīne inspected a car of a local resident.

Kašers and Uģis Kuģis immediately went to see the scene of the accident and assess the damage, while Katrīne and Samanta reacted to the stressful situation in a very feminine way.

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