VIDEO: Prizes make people on the streets afraid of “ghost”; reveals what’s really going on

The inhabitants of this Latgale city report that they run into passing cars, intimidate pedestrians and in other ways a ghost works in Balvi. In fact, behind the mask of comfort lies young people who are waiting for Halloween in a peculiar way. In order to catch non-villains, Balvi municipality police officers are on duty in the city streets even after working hours, the program “Bez Tabu” reports.

“No Taboo” turned to the editorial office of a Balvenian, who himself saw the Ghost of the Prize. He knows how to tell about several cases when a tent, which is actually a man wrapped in a piece of white cloth, scared the inhabitants.

The resident reveals that he saw the “ghost” in person on the outskirts of the city: ” […] most likely young people. Dress, wrapped in white fabric, with a white mask. Cut eyes and nose. In the evening, when it is very dark, go down the street and scare people. I drove in the car, he jumped on the car. Went on the sidewalk quite calmly and then the lens on top. Another man had jumped in front of the road so that he braked, dropped the car, did not know what to do with this whole event. Famous had run, played sports. Running saw that [spoks] sitting. He looked at him, took the stake and started running after him. “

The reporter says that the inhabitants are frightened by the white eagle on the outskirts of the city, on Brīvības Street, which is popular with runners, Nordic walking and cyclists for sports activities. He also says that there are different people, young people, hiding under the white cloth. They have been seen meeting in flocks near Brīvības Street, riding scooters. A resident says he has seen a company with three scooters and a quad bike. One young man is dressed in a ghost suit, while the others watch as he wanders down the street and scares the inhabitants. After working out, everyone is taking their feet over their shoulders, disappearing in degraded areas on one of the many crossroads.

Rita Kravale, the head of the Balvi municipality police, reveals that she has been working in this city for a very long time, but for the first time. “We, the municipal police, reacted immediately. We have changed the patrol route. We are trying to find the ghost both at work and in our free time. We also want to know what is hidden under this mask, so we are working!” claims Kravale.

Kravale, the head of the Balvi municipality police, informs that the policemen have addressed youth companies with scooters, but no one has confessed to mischief, nor has provided useful information.

A teenager Līna accidentally meets in Balvi says that wandering in a ghost costume in the night Balvi may have some trendy an expression of social networks, which it also intends to do. However, she says that it does not provide for stumbling.

Līna reveals to the show: “This is the trend of the social network” Tik Tok “. I know what it’s about. I want to do it myself. There’s a lot of it done in it. Probably in Balvi as well.

Kravale, the chief head of the municipal police at the awards, emphasizes that intimidation of the population borders on hooliganism, which is punishable.

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