(VIDEO) Otto Guevara criticizes compulsory vaccination against Coronavirus in children

Former deputy Otto Guevara considers arbitrary that the Covid-19 vaccine is still maintained within the mandatory immunization schedule for minors.

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In a video published on his social networks, Guevara maintains that the criteria of the National Vaccination Commission is contradictory when requesting technical reports so as not to continue considering the obligation of this vaccine for children between five and 11 years of age, while when the opposite was ordered in the previous Government, no study was requested in this regard.

“The same Minister of Health (referring to Daniel Salas), in the minutes of the National Commission for Vaccination and Epidemiological Control, said that the information supporting that vaccine (for children) had not yet reached them. They made the decision to make it mandatory without technical reports of any kind,” said Guevara.

In his statement, the lawyer even urged President Rodrigo Chaves not to “persecute anyone” in the event that said Commission continues to bet on maintaining this protection measure for infants against the Coronavirus, given its position of allowing the population to take this decision voluntarily by decree.

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“The Government should not request the vaccine as a requirement for enrollment in the educational system, nor should it trigger the PANI to open files against parents who do not vaccinate their children against Covid-19; that is how simple the presidency and power are exercised, ”he sentenced.

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