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2019 has been a whirlwind year for Tesla, full of minor setbacks, wild controversies and, of course, impressive achievements. In particular, Tesla over the past year has proven that it can actually generate profits. And although Tesla first made a profit in the third quarter of 2018, its ability to make a profit again in 2019 proved that the first time was anything but luck.

In turn, 2019 saw Tesla’s actions take off in the stratosphere. Buoyed by Cybertruck’s unveiling and optimism about the company’s booming activities in China, Tesla’s stocks in the last nine weeks of the year soared from around $ 254 per share to $ 418 per share.

Aside from the economics, Tesla is preparing to dramatically increase production in 2020 and beyond. For the future, Tesla plans to introduce a new generation Roadster, the Tesla Semi, the Cybertruck and the Model Y. At the same time, Tesla will continue to increase production of the Model 3 while striving to keep the Model S and the Model X production as stable as possible.

Of all the upcoming vehicles listed above, the first one we’ll see on the streets is the Model Y. While production of the Model Y was not expected to start until the end of 2020, Tesla said a few months ago that everything was ahead of schedule. Therefore, the cross version of the Model 3 will go into production in the summer of 2020.

In light of this, it is not surprising that we are starting to see an increase in reports regarding observations of the Model Y prototype on the road. More recently, a successful version of the Y model was spotted in Washington:

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Two months earlier, another prototype of the Model Y was seen cruising along a California highway next to a Model 3. The video below illustrates the difference in size of the Model Y compared to the Model 3. As shown below, model Y is decidedly larger than model 3:

Tesla, of course, expects a lot from the Y model, which is not surprising given the popularity of crossovers.

“I recently drove the candidate out of Model Y, and I think it will be an incredible product and very well received,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk a few months ago. “I think it’s very likely that it will be – and it’s just my opinion – more than the S, X and 3 combined.”

Image source: Tesla

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