VIDEO: NY woman orders a chair on Amazon and they also send her a medical tube with blood

Employees at an Amazon distribution center in France.


An Amazon customer shared the unexpected item that came with the chair she ordered from Amazon.

Jen Begakis circulated a video from her Twitter account showing a tube of blood that you didn’t ask for from the e-commerce company.

In the tweet shared two days ago, Begakis, from Ithaca, New York, said: “I am both terrified and confused.”

The Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University added, “If I tell you that the leather chair I ordered from Amazon was packaged with a blood collection tube that is…full, would you believe me?”

In comments to the tweet, the user said: “I am so deeply unprepared for this kind of chaos.”

Initially, Amazon contacted the customer, but she no longer heard from company representatives. It is not clear what explanation he gave to the consumer.

At the moment, the company has not issued an official response on this case.

the tweet with the video has been viewed more than 500,000 times and exceeds 12,0000 “likes”.

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