Video: My job is to teach in a Simulation Hospital

Technology in medicine has become a necessary and essential tool to move towards better quality and more democratic health. Thanks to it, planning tasks are made easier and treatment results are more predictable and safe.

In addition to that, technology in medical education has brought countless benefits. One of them is being able to practice and test knowledge in a safe environment and function in a place such as a real clinical facility.

This is known as a Simulation Hospital and it is where Roxana Buscaglione, a doctor at the San Sebastián University, teaches.

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For Roxana, the great advantage of having such a place is that students can learn from trial and error: “When the student understands that he is in a safe environment, where he will go to learn, where error is welcome and it is a learning opportunity, they clearly indulge in the methodology and they like it ”, he says.

In a Simulation Hospital there are critical unit rooms, wards, emergency rooms, all the elements that you would have in a real hospital. They work with mannequins that have technology incorporated so that you have physiological responses just as if you were a real patient.

We invite you to watch the following video to learn more about the advantages of this methodology for students in the health area and also for patients.

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