Video | Mental Health Consultant: Anger afflicts people with heart disease

Consultant Dr. Abdullah Ghazi said Psychological healthAnger and sadness may have a severe impact on the psychological and physical health of a person as a result of his intense emotion and anger, and it may lead to several diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Ghazi added, during a telephone conversation with journalist Manal Salama, on the “Sweet Speech” program, broadcast on “Echo Al Balad” channel, today, Thursday, that constant anger may affect heart health and increase the speed of the heartbeat beyond the normal rate. This causes heart attacks and arteriosclerosis, indicating that anger also raises the catechomalin hormones, which affect body pressure and tension and may cause health problems and stress disorder.

He continued: “Anger and intense sadness for a person may affect sleep and cause disturbances and insomnia, which exposes you to chronic headaches and a decrease in the ability to concentrate; and causes problems in the respiratory system, when anger attacks a person cannot breathe easily, which exposes him to shortness of breath and other health problems.”

He explained that anger affects the health of the nervous system and blood vessels, and during anger the body secretes some hormones that cause many skin problems, including acne, skin infections and psoriasis, which increases the chances of wrinkles appearing on the skin, eye problems and depression, so it is always recommended to relax and calm And reduce anger and excess tension so that it does not affect the health of the body.


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