Video Marketing Strategy in 2021 Complete Guide!

In 1984 Apple Computer introduced the Macintosh, ushering in a new era. Even today this commercial is still being talked about for the simple fact that they dedicated themselves to telling a story and creating curiosity in people without any effort. Let’s follow suit and see what video marketing strategy in 2021 It can be useful to us to improve the sales of our product.

Going back to the 1984 Apple commercial. The same achievement won a lot of awards and broke audience records with more than 90 million people. Which generated an income of $ 3.5 million after the publication of said announcement. Something that would not have been possible without the video in question.

Currently, video consumption has increased considerably. Largely thanks to social networks such as YouTube, Tik Tok or Instagram. For this reason, no company or SME should ignore the enormous potential that can be obtained from running a video marketing campaign.

Whether you have a business, create content or whatever. Do you want to boost your brand? So you should be taking advantage of the videos. If you don’t, you will be missing a very interesting opportunity.

But before going directly to the video marketing strategy in 2021. Let’s try to understand what exactly it means.

What is video marketing?

Basically it is a strategy that helps marketers to take advantage of videos to promote their products, increasing their commitment to it, spreading knowledge, etc.

How can it be done? It doesn’t have to be a commercial with a production behind it. It can be a simple YouTube video, some post on Instagram or Facebook, etc. We live in a time where videos took a fundamental role on the internet, it is now or never.

Video marketing is one of the best ways to capture and retain people’s attention. Let’s look at a few reasons why this is so.

  • Personal touch: Video has the potential to connect with an audience on a personal level. As long as the idea and development of it is designed for that. It is one of the best ways to reach the audience.
  • Greater retention: by creating videos that the audience ends up loving, we achieve a greater probability that that person will decide to stay until the end of the video. We could put many examples of companies that carry out very funny, emblematic commercials, etc. And surely on many occasions you stay seeing them again because you like them a lot. That is exactly what we should achieve.
  • CTR and Increased Open Rates: A Study by Depositphotos reveals very interesting data. Emails with the term “Video” in their subject have up to 19% higher click rates than emails with normal subjects.
  • Easier to convey the message: we cannot deny it, the best way to convey a message clearly and precisely is through a video. An advertising banner or text is not the same.
  • They attract attention: we are attracted at different times. When we watch any kind of video we tend to focus more on it, much more than if we had to read a static publication.
  • They are more attractive: there are many studies that make it clear that the possibility of a video obtaining more likes and comments than a static publication with images it is 1200%.
  • Remember the brand: thanks to videos it is possible to provide a large amount of information in a very short time. It is much easier to memorize things when we are listening to them and we are entertained.
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Types of videos that we can use in a marketing strategy in 2021

We are already very clear that videos can attract attention more easily compared to other marketing media. However, we need to know the purpose and audience groups to get a proper focus.

So, depending on our objectives and the audience that the video in question will focus on. We will have to create one or another type of video thinking about the 2021 video marketing strategy that we are planning.

  • Explanatory video: in this case they would be videos where you try to explain something, they are quite short, concise and direct marketing videos that explain the product or service that is provided. Ideal for landing pages or websites where your customers can purchase services directly.
  • Description video: this is a video class that explains why you should buy our product. Focusing quickly and precisely on benefits, features, etc.
  • Company culture video: let’s see, all companies need to have an image and a brand. In turn, it is also essential to have a general description of it. From BTS video clips, event previews, meeting salons, etc.
  • Customer testimonials: in this case we will show our customers’ experience with the company and the product. With this kind of videos we will be able to build a brand image, generate trust in people and credibility.
  • Biography or documentary: ideal to launch when we have been with the marketing campaign for a long time. Once most of the objectives have been met, launching a video biography or documentary talking about the beginnings of the company and all the difficulties that were overcome is ideal.
  • Corporate video. It is a non-commercial one that targets a small group of people. It can be a video presentation for a group of investors, show new initiatives within the company, etc.
  • Vlog: a type of video that borders on the home in some occasions (as long as it is necessary) where we hold a camera, point at someone or ourselves and start talking. It is one of the most attractive ways of narrating that youtubers currently have.
  • Live broadcasts: they are ideal for interacting directly with our clients. Make them understand that we are here to help you at all times and contact them personally.
  • Product demonstrations: we will have to make a general description of the product in question showing its characteristics. Giving advice to give it a more productive use, etc.
  • Tutorials: if necessary, it is a video tutorial for our clients to learn the basics of what we are offering and how to use it properly.
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Where can I promote my videos

Currently we have five very important platforms to promote our brand, product or service.

  • YouTube: one of the best places to promote our products. YouTube is the best place you can find to post them. If you manage to make quality videos that are really striking. With some luck they can go viral.
  • Facebook: more than 500 million users daily consume 100 million hours of video content. Therefore, Facebook is an ideal social network to promote and interact with people.
  • Instagram: with creativity you can take advantage of this social network to promote products of all kinds. It is essential to be creative, to have a lot of imagination in order to attract people’s attention.
  • Snapchat: one of the most popular applications around the world. With almost 200 million active users around the world. It is a social network that you should not miss.
  • Daily Motion: After YouTube, it is the second largest video sharing site in the world. The difference is that the platform has a fairly specific audience spread over some countries. Ideal for when you need to promote in one of these countries specifically.

How to make a perfect video campaign

There are certain ways to measure the success of a video: actions, comments, likes, views, retention time, clicks on links, etc. All of this will help us understand how people function and what kind of content they want to see.

To achieve good metrics we must create content that is really striking, with a solid plan and structure. For this, it is essential to create a valid video marketing strategy for this 2021.

Tell a story, don’t focus on selling

The audience does not like those purely commercial videos that try to sell all the time. Telling a story and conveying a message that is not focused on selling anything will always yield better results.

Show how your product is capable of solving the problem that your audience has. You must find a way to show the full potential of what you have to offer.

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The shorter the video, the better

If you have ever uploaded a video on YouTube, you will surely find that the longer it is. The retention rate drops dramatically. Even while watching the odd video yourself, about the middle of it you tend to go out and see something else.

A short commercial video that lasts approximately 30 seconds can be much more effective than any other kind of video, adding value and promoting our service or product efficiently.

Stand out and use humor

When people want to watch videos they don’t need something serious, not depressing or anything like that. We all have problems and we can’t always be okay. Imagine that your ad is capable of making someone smile on a difficult day.

Achieving that would be the best thing you could do. Keeping you unique, original and staying away from absolutely any other idea or brand. But with a lot of humor and getting the occasional smile from your potential clients. This is how you stand out and create a viral video.

People go online to hang out, in their leisure time or when they need to be distracted from the problems of everyday life. Help them with a video that will catch them and make them happy, even for a minute.

Never put SEO aside

Especially if you are going to publish it on networks like YouTube or Instagram. SEO in videos is quite simple, much more than in websites. Here we must consider how the audience performs, capture their attention, get attractive titles and thumbnails that invite them to click.

The description of the video should also be presented carefully, add timestamps for the different chapters of the video, etc.

Educate the audience

At some point, we’ve all learned something from a video uploaded to YouTube. No matter what it is, we always look for a way to fix a problem on YouTube.

Educational or instructional videos can be a very powerful promotional tool that, if used well, will help us boost the sales of our service or product.

How can you appreciate, create a video marketing strategy in 2021 It is not a simple task. It takes time and dedication. However, the results can be extremely beneficial to your business.

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