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Last Thursday October 7Through Twitter, a user shared a video in which it is observed how a man who was walking down the street passes by a car in which a baby was, kicks it hard and continues walking in Providencia, Chile.

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In the same trill, it is reported that fortunately the minor did not suffer any type of injury and that he is in good health. Likewise, Internet users are asked for help to provide information about the aggressor’s whereabouts.

Help finding this one that has no name. Baby is fine luckily. It happened in Manuel Montt and Pérez Valenzuela this noon”Says the Twitter account.

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The act of violence caused a stir and all kinds of comments on the social network, including Evelyn matthei, Mayor of Providencia, commune in which the events occurred, spoke on the matter answering the video.

Hello loneliness. I am very sorry about what happened and our Director of Security will contact the family to provide all the collaboration of the case“Said the president in response to the Internet user.

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Likewise, after communicating with the child’s mother and knowing all the information there was in this regard, the woman published a video through her Twitter account in which she talks about the violence that is being lived in the commune and of the man who attacked the baby.

The video of a man kicking a car where there was an 8-month-old boy, to whom, thank God, nothing happened, has us all shocked. I don’t know what is happening to us, the degree of violence we are experiencing, but we cannot accept thisMatthei reported in the recording.

Also, he stated that they will take measures about it but first they have to identify who is the person and for this they ask for help from citizens to help report their whereabouts.

“We have to know who this guy is. You can all see his face and his clothes on social media. If anyone knows who it is, please contact us at 1414 “said the mayor.

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