VIDEO – Ludovic Orban overthrows Alexandru Muraru, the leader of PNL Iași: ‘This puts him in a situation of incompatibility’ – News by sources

PNL leader Ludovic Orban said that the current interim leader of the Iasi liberals, the deputy Alexandru Muraru, cannot say if he is with Orban or Cîţu, acknowledging that the situation in Iaşi is a special one, shows

In his turn, the head of the Iași liberals, Alexandru Muraru, said that he will not impose “one direction or another” on his colleagues from the organization. Muraru reminded that the Iaşi county branch decided in March to support Orban, but specified that at the same time he holds the position of honorary adviser to Prime Minister Cîţu.

Ludovic Orban declared in a press conference that at PNL Iaşi the situation is special and that the current leader of the organization, the deputy Alexandru Muraru, cannot make the announcement if he is with Orban or Cîţu.

“If he says that he is with Cîţu, he practically ignores a vote given in the County Permanent Bureau for me. If he says he’s with me, he’s an honorary adviser to the prime minister, and that puts him in a position of incompatibility. Because of this, he must be neutral, he cannot manifest, “Orban said.

The current interim leader of PNL Iaşi, the deputy Alexandru Muraru, said that the support of a candidate comes only at the end of the round of elections in each structure, even if the County Permanent Bureau has already decided to support Orban.

“The branch gave a support vote in March, but then there was only one candidacy. That does not mean that that vote should not be respected. At the same time, both candidates, Ludovic Orban and Florin Cîţu will have to show openness for Iasi projects. I will not impose a certain vote on colleagues. Candidates will come to Iasi to present their teams and motions. I also talked to Mr. Orban and he knows. I am also an adviser to the Prime Minister. The internal competition in PNL is open, I do not disregard the vote of my colleagues, but I will not impose one direction or another “, said the head of PNL Iaşi, the deputy Alexandru Muraru. .

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