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These London food suppliers from Deliveroo confirm what critics of the so-called gig economy have long criticized: the business model is based on the unfair treatment of service providers. Driver Kerry Hargadon says: “We demand rights, respect and fair pay. Deliveroo could be valued at trillion pounds on the stock market while we often earn well below the minimum wage, sometimes two pounds an hour, for the work we do to keep this company going. So we want something in return, that is, payment that is appropriate for the work and the risk we are taking. “Kerry protested with hundreds of her colleagues on Wednesday in front of the company headquarters in London. In the gig economy, also known as the platform economy, is usually only paid according to the respective assignment, and those who provide the service often have to provide their own infrastructure. Deliveroo suppliers, for example, are paid not per hour but per order placed and bring their own vehicle with them. “Our workplace is the street, we are where our customers live and that has its risks. (Cut) And there is no appreciation for the risks we are taking. Then sometimes getting absolutely nothing paid really pulls you down. “Hargadon’s colleague, who refuses to give his name, says:” I’ve worked for Deliveroo for seven years, and in my experience we have absolutely no right to say anything if it does Problems with a customer were simply no right, and on top of that we have absolutely no right to argue with Deliveroo about payment. “The company had gone public last week, but had made a disastrous debut. Analysts ruled that Investor concerns about the company’s working conditions could have had an impact on the stock market launch, but on the day of the demonstration, of all places, the share price rose slightly thanks to small investors.


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