VIDEO: “Lauku sēta” participants are in trouble – they are caught, we drink alcohol


In the new work week, the hostess is thinking of new jobs. The participants, as promised to them, will fight in pairs this time.

Participants draw pairs and divide the weekly entries. This week, William and Venus will work together to clean the smokehouse, Agnis and Kaspars, who will make the kennel, Guntars and Mārtiņš, who will dig the trench, Ingus and Linda will weed the root garden, Juris and Sintija will clean the basement and mow, and Dana and Sigita.

Iveta is not lucky with the couple, she does not have good communication with Enija and it will be quite difficult to cooperate. The hardest work has been for the brave men Mārtiņš and Guntars – to do the work properly and on time, they work even until the morning. Agnis and Kaspars feel more in the role of commentators, they both start discussing the achievements of other participants, but they have not even started doing their own work.

Guntars will take on the role of a chef, for whom cooking does not go to heart. Will the participants not eat and live only on bread and cheese?

An unpleasant surprise is also waiting for you at the “Lauku sēta” – alcohol is used, it was illegally brought to the show by Guntars. Will the host of the show Jānis apply a penalty for bringing alcohol to “Lauku sēta”? But that’s not all! It turns out that other participants have also consumed alcoholic beverages. Jānis has made a decision, and the use of alcohol has consequences for voting.

Will several participants be forced to leave the “Country Farm” from the very beginning? Watch tonight at 21 on TV6 and in a convenient place and time on the video content platform Go3!

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