VIDEO: Kasher’s mother makes no secret of being frightened when she learns about her son’s unconventional orientation


Well, almost everyone also knows that Kasher is preparing for the wedding with his beloved husband Jānis, “STV Pirmā!” reality show “Celebrities. Without a filter ”openly showing the audience the way to the marriage ceremony in Denmark.

But what does his mother think about her son’s non-traditional orientation? How did she take the fact that next to her son would not be a beloved girl, but a boy? “Well, how can I feel? I love Kasher as a child and accept everything that happens in life. If he is happy, then I am happy too. What can I want more? This is his life, ”says Kasher’s mother, adding that at first the news came very unexpectedly and even caused fright.

However, instead of reproaching her, she decided to accept this fact: “I just evaluate everything that happens in my family. However, this is my child – loved and cherished. I have two sons, and both are very important in my life. And I accepted it. What else should I do? Close the door and say – take your suitcases and get up? ” rhetorically asks the multi-artist’s mother.

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VIDEO: Kasher and his beloved Jānis are already trying on wedding dresses

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“We are a family too!” Kasher and his John are open about relationships, wedding plans and the courage to be themselves

“He kissed me on the first date,” Kasher tells how he met his John.

Speaking of Kasher’s relationship with John, she does not hide the joy that her son has such a nice person next to her, who has now joined their family.

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