[Vidéo] In Strasbourg, the ecologists want to replace the word “harmful” by “commensaux” to change our view on rats and bedbugs

During a City Council, some elected officials seemed more concerned about the terminology given to these pests than the unhappiness of the people who live with them.

It is an almost surrealist scene which was played out last September during a Municipal Council of Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin). Speaker on the subject of rats and bedbugs “Cohabitations and introductions”, members of the City Council make a proposal « choc », at least who questions. Why not change the terminology associated with these pests so that the French look at them changes? So, Marie-France Hamard, environmentalist delegated municipal councilor, proposes to change the word “Harmful” by “Introductory” or “Commensals” in order to have, “Compared to all these animals, a more benevolent approach”.

A proposal obviously welcomed by her colleague Caroline Zorn, vice-president of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, who finds the idea “Exciting”. Having more consideration for these animals which sometimes plague the lives of many French people would therefore be more important… This is what the opposition openly denounced during this municipal council, with Rebecca Breitman in mind: “We must nevertheless ask ourselves the question of knowing whether we want to help people who live with rats and bedbugs, in unhealthy situations rather than whether we should carry out a contraception campaign for rats “, denounces the parliamentary attaché (Strasbourg Ensemble ).

” That does not make any sense “

She continues by addressing Marie-France Hamard: “Let’s ask ourselves the right questions. What is the priority? […] We have to refocus on the real priorities, those of people who are in catastrophic situations and perhaps not those of the bedbugs who squat our neighbor’s pillow and ask ourselves if we should call her ‘ neighbor ‘,’ roommate… that doesn’t make sense ”, taunts the president of the European Alsace Movement.

On the side of the ecologists, we persist and sign, Marie-France Hamard believing that animals are “Unable to return to live in the wild”. She then evokes a “Soft regulation” for “Long-term cohabitation with animals”… In the end, six months later, nothing seems to have changed. According to an article in Latest News from Alsace (DNA) dated February 24, rats colonized a building in Neudorf (district of Strasbourg). They are everywhere in cellars and garbage cans; tenants and lessor “Return the ball”.



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