Video Hala Sidqi in the bikini in the swimming pool is crazy social

The actress Hala Sidqi posted a video clip on her personal and official page on the social networking site Instagram and demonstrated through her swimming skill, as she traveled a long distance and reached the floating balls.

Video Hala Sidqi demonstrating her swimming skills and traveling a long distance:

And the actress Hala Sidqi appeared swimming in that video, wearing swimwear and water glasses, and commented on that and said the appearance of the blue whale on Egyptian beaches, and long live Egypt.

It is worth noting that the last work of the artist Hala Sidqi, and it was shown recently, is the series Les La, and the series was shown on the Witness VIP platform, and it was written by a narration workshop under the supervision of the screenwriter Maryam Naoum, and from the scenario and dialogue of Dina Najm and Magdy Amin.

And the series Les La, starring the actress Amina Khalil, the actress Sherine Reda, the artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, the artist Maryam Al-Khasht, the artist Hani Adel, the artist Omar Al-Saeed, the artist Nardine Farag, and the series directed by Maryam Abu Auf.

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